Do you have a hoard of stickers that are sat collecting dust in a box or folder? Me too! That's why I created these handy little sticker storage/display books. Easily view all your stickers in one place. Have the satisfaction of "using" your stickers, without the fear of "wasting" them!


Paper details:


The paper itself is 4x6 inch or A6 in size. It's a silicone coated paper, which means that the stickers are completely removable. Allowing you to move/use your stickers whenever you want.


Theres 30 sheets to a book and the paper is double sided, so that's 60 sides for you to use!


Binding details:


The books are disc bound, meaning that everything is easily removable and rearrangable. It's completely customisable and if you fill the book up, you can simply add more pages and even get bigger "discs" too, to make it even more expandable!




The front and back cover is laminated card with various colourful designs to choose from and what's best is that they're reversable too!


Each book comes with 3 dividers, to help you organise your sticker collection. As well as a washi tape storage card. Perfect for keeping your favourite washi tapes designs close to hand.


Each book comes with a sheet of vellum paper at the front and back of the book, to act as a dust shield or can be placed anywhere in the book to add protection to any delicate stickers you might have.


The discs, dividers and washi tape cards are all colour coordinated to the cover designs.


When you receive your book:


Due to the thickness of the discs on the books, the books wil arrive to you with "some assembly required", this is to save you on postage costs, as it means I can send them as a large letter, rather than a small parcel. They are extremely easy to assemble and will take you about 2 minutes! However, if you do have any questions on assembling your book, please don't hesitate to message me!


Delivery info:


The books will be packaed in a mailing box with tisse paper, a paper bag and an organza bag for the discs, no plastic will be used.


Please select your delivery method at checkout.


I hope you like these sticker books, I can honestly say that I've put my heart into making and designing them for you to have the perfect place to store your precious sticker collection!


If you have any questions about this product, please send me a message or email prior to purchasing and I will be happy to help!



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Reusable Sticker Book - Choose A Design!