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A Bit About Me

Hello! Welcome! My name is Joanne and I'm the founder and owner of The Fizzy Pumpkin. I'm currently 34 years old and I live in Rotherham with my husband, Chris, and our 3 year old, Henry. We also have a 5 year old black cat called, Odi.

I've always been arty and creative and have always wanted to do something art related as a career So, in 2018, I took the plunge and started my small business back when I was pregnant, as I had to leave my full time job. I then re-named and re-branded my small business, as "The Fizzy Pumpkin", in December 2019.

Since the last half of 2021, I've been taking a break from selling physical products, and have been working on design commissions instead, while I decide on the future for TFP. 

But enough of that! Here are some fun facts:


Fun fact #1: I originally wanted to call it "Pumpkin Fizz", after a drink mentioned only once in the Harry Potter book series. But thought I'd better name it something that isn't at risk of copyright!

Fun fact #2: I don't have any formal training or qualifications in art or design, I'm completely self taught! (Not counting the half an A Level in Art that I did at school in 2005/2006!).

Fun fact #3: I actually have a degree in Property Management! But never did anything with it.

That's it :) thank you so much for reading, and have an amazing day!

Joanne xx

P.s. If you want to know more, or just have a chat in general, the best place to find me is on Instagram :) 

I'll leave you with this, forever relevant, quote:

"Working hard is important. But there is something that matters even more, believing in yourself."

- Harry Potter, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

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