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A Bit About Me

Hello! Welcome! My name is Joanne and I'm the founder and owner of The Fizzy Pumpkin. I'm currently 32 years old and I live in Rotherham with my new(ish) husband Chris and our toddler, Henry. We also have a black cat called Odi, he's 3 years old and is also the Etsy shop Manager!

I have always been creative my entire life, but never thought of it as a career, just because I didn't realise it was a thing! I studied Business Property Management at university and graduated with a 2:1 degree in 2011. I've since then had a couple of office jobs and had to leave my previous employment in 2018 when I was pregnant.


In March 2019, after Henry was born, I felt I was ready to start working again, but couldn't imagine myself going back to work for someone else. This encouraged me to set up my own business selling cards that I'd illustrated on my Ipad and thus Fussy Fanny's was born (I know, not The Fizzy Pumpkin, stay with me!). 

I had a short run selling cards and some stickers, but I was also planning a wedding and preparing the house to put it on the market (as well as looking after a baby) and so, in June 2019, I put Fussy Fanny's on hold while we got married and moved house.

Then later that year in October, I picked up my Ipad again and started doing some designs, including fanart. This is when my business took a magical turn, I decided I no longer resonated with the name Fussy Fanny's and so I renamed and rebranded as The Fizzy Pumpkin and reopended my Etsy shop 2 weeks before Christmas.

I have kept some of my original cute designs, but I mostly now focus on turning magical fanart into stickers, prints and bookmarks. 

My aim in the future, is to introduce more of my own designs and also outsource my stickers and prints. While I enjoy the handmade process of my products, it's just not possible to keep up with demand and continue to create new designs at the same time.

As each month passes, my little business has grown and expanded at a steady rate and I'm proud to say that I've managed to build something successful out of nothing. I took a risk in going self employed, but I'm so glad I did! I can't  wait to see what the future holds for The Fizzy Pumpkin!

Thank you so much for reading and please visit my Instagram page for regular updates and behind the scenes clips.

Have a wonderful day!

Joanne xx

"Working hard is important. But there is something that matters even more, believing in yourself."

- Harry Potter, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix